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AXULIN supports healthy blood sugar levels and helps your body metabolize both carbohydrates and fats. In laboratory studies, AXULIN provides support for the body's glucose regulating process by targeting the same pathway that insulin uses to control blood sugar. Insulin is essential for maintaining healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels.

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"Thank you so much for Axulin, it has had and continues to have a big influence in my life. I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, given that my mother passed away from complications of diabetes it was a real concern for me. I started taking Axulin and within three months my levels were back in the normal range. After 6 months of using Axulin, the levels are still in the normal range and with two additional benefits I had not counted on; 1st that my blood pressure had leveled out as well, and working with my Doctor I have been able to stop taking one of the three medications I was taking and a much reduced dosage of the remaining two. The 2nd less tangible benefit is a sense of well being, I have more energy, sleep better and feel like participating in activities that I have not done for years as I was just 'to tired' or 'did not feel like it'. Thank you Axulin for improving not only my health but my overall wellbeing as well." - Barbara, British Columbia, Canada

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